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Storm damage in Hickory

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We've had an incredible amount of large storms in the area so far this year and the majority of our customers didn't even know they had damage.

  Take advantage of our expertise and have us come out and inspect your property to see if your home or business has been damaged by the storms!


FREE Storm Damage Inspections!

Storm Damage in Hickory

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FREE Storm Damage Inspections

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Hail Damage

Wind Damage

Trees on Property

Hail Damage

Hail damage causes the most widespread loss, yet is probably the hardest storm damage to see.  Often if the lighting isn't just right, or if it's wet or other elements are involved hail damage is difficult to see, and you can almost never see hail damage to a roof, when you're standing on the ground.

  That's why it's imperative after a storm to have us come out and check your property to see if it's been damaged.

Wind Damage

 Wind damage is much easier to spot. However often times, while it may look like a big deal, wind damage could cost very little and not be worth filing a claim.  If the cost to repair the damage is less than your deductible then you would be responsible for paying for the entire repair out of pocket anyway.

  That's why it's imperative after a storm to have us come out and check your property to see if it's been damaged, and let you know if we think the repairs will cost more than your deductible.

Trees on Property

  When a tree falls on a house or building it can cause severe damage.  It is very important to have a contractor that not only knows how much it will cost to repair the property, but also how to communicate with the insurance company.

  At Fat Ox we are well versed in both the construction phase and the insurance phase. We are licensed in both, which makes us the very best choice for storm related claims! Call us today!